Ava Adore “II” EP Review

Ava Adore

Ava Adore from Barcelona, Spain

Over the last few days, I’ve been introduced to several great bands from around the world. One of them is a female fronted band from Barcelona, Spain called Ava Adore. Although they mention most of the classic grunge bands as influences, their sound definitely falls towards the metal side of grunge with more similarities to bands like TAD, Gruntruck and Soundgarden than Nirvana or Pearl Jam. Their EP simply titled II rocks hard and will really get your blood pumping. Although vocalist/guitarist Paola Bailey has a great voice, she’s somewhat buried in the mix. This is something that would usually bother me, but for reasons I can’t really explain, it seems to make Ava Adore sound louder and heavier because of this mixing decision.

The EP begins with the song Nomads. It’s a heavy upbeat rocker with cool guitar hooks. The song briefly breaks down into a trippy, mellow classic rock section before crashing back into the rockin’ riffs that conclude the song.

Turning Black is next on the EP.   I could easily hear a stoner rock band performing this song. It reminds me of Black Sabbath with its slower groove, fuzzy guitars and awesome riffs. This one is probably my favorite track on the EP, but that is difficult to say because all four songs are great.

The song Hold On shows that Ava Adore is just as capable of delivering a straight-up punk tune as they are of metal riffing. The band switches up the guitar tones to a much more brash sound that works well to get across an angry, aggressive urgency. The blistering guitar solo betrays the simplicity of the song and shows that despite the punk feel, the band behind it is very skilled on their instruments.

The EP ends with How To Trust, a song somewhat similar to an upbeat Foo Fighters track. This is another song where music is more complicated than your average grunge song, once again showing that these musicians are quite capable.

My biggest complaint about the EP is that there aren’t more songs! I would love to hear a full-length album from this band. I strongly recommend checking out this bands if you like metal, heavy grunge, or classic rock.

Here’s a link to their page on bandcamp.


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