SABATTA “Middle Of The Night” album review



While I’m checking Facebook, I like to have music playing in the background. I typically play those ‘check out my band’ videos that independent artists post in the groups I follow. Most of the time I’ll listen to about a minute of a song. If I like it, I’ll let the whole song play while I respond to messages, etc.

Today an interesting post caught my attention. A band called SABATTA was pimping their limited edition cassette Middle Of The Night and they had a video posted for a song called Go And Be Damned, so I checked it out. It was good. It was real good! It rocked hard with lo-fi, fuzzy guitar and a bad-ass groove! I got totally sidetracked and started looking up more about this awesome band. Turns out the main guy is Yinka Oyewole, a musician from London, England. The band has a BandCamp page where you can check out their music, so I listened to the entire Middle Of The Night album. If you like music with a heavy, heavy groove, this is it!

Their bio describes them as Grunge Soul. That’s as good of a description as any. The bio also says they’re like The Stooges meets Sly Stone. I guess that’s a pretty good comparison, but after listening to the entire album, I’d say they’re like a mix of so many different influences that it would be a shame to try to boil it down to two artists. I will say that they have some songs with fuzzy guitars and some songs with clean guitars. Some of their songs rock and some of their songs swing. Some songs are upbeat and some are mellow, but EVERY song grooves.   I hear hints of Jellyfish, Lenny Kravitz, Madness, Santana, Black Keys, Stevie Wonder, Nine Inch Nails, The Specials, Cream, Bill Withers, White Stripes, and much more, all through the DIY filter of an earthy, intentional lo-fi quality which gives the entire album a warmth and honesty that helps to tie all of the ingredients together into one amazing soup.

Standout tracks are the above mentioned, lo-fi, fuzzy guitar Go And Be Damned, the excellent horn section on Let Off The Leash, the grunge/ska/funk title track Middle Of The Night and the almost Latin/grunge/groove song Always You.

Check out SABATTA on their Facebook page.

As always, support independent music!


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